Call for Legal interns

UNHCR Representation in Cyprus



Under the overall guidance/supervision of the Legal Officer the aim of the internship is to:

· Address requests for information/advice from persons of concern with a view to contribute to solve the problem when referral to an NGO is not advisable

· Follow up on individual cases

· Assistance in answering questionnaires sent either from Headquarters or NGO

· Legal Research on Country of Origin Information (COI)

· Legal Research on contemporary protection related issues (use of internet as a source)

· Research on EU and international asylum related policies (such as reception conditions in other EU countries, Legal aid across the globe etc)

· Monitor access to the asylum procedure through ad hoc visits of offices where applications can be filed.

· Guide the ASSOCIATION OF RECOGNISED REFUGEES (CYPRUS) to get organized, put priorities and to start implementing them.

· Be perceptive to potential good stories that may be of interest for the purpose of public awareness on the situation of a/s and refugees in Cyprus and their needs and forward the information to the Public Information Officer.

· Contribute to the organization of activities for the World Refugee Day (interns arriving before 20 June).

· Contribute innovative proposals to foster public awareness on refugee issues.

· Periodically read the National Gazette with the purpose to follow up legislative developments affecting refugees and asylum seekers (Greek speaking interns)

· Access the public web of the Parliament with the purpose of following up if draft legislation affecting the asylum seekers and the refugees are being tabled for discussion (Greek speaking interns).

· Periodically access Leginet (the local legal website) with the purpose of obtaining court decisions dealing with asylum cases and translate them into English (Greek speaking interns).

· Translate laws and regulations impacting the refugees and asylum seekers, from Greek into English (Greek speaking interns).

· Translate official public reports dealing with refugee issues, from Greek into English(Greek speaking interns).

· Draft correspondence as requested.

For information on the benefits from an internship with UNHCR, on how and where to apply, on candidate’s profile, as well as on symbolic remuneration, please refer to the general information leaflet “UNHCR Representation in Cyprus – Information for prospective interns”

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