"What is the what" by Dave Eggers. Vintage Books, New York 2007

This is the extraordinarily intense human story of a 5-6 year old boy separated from his family in Sudan's civil war. He trekked across Africa's punishing wilderness with thousands of other children, survived aerial bombardment and attacks by militias and wild animals, ate whatever he could find or nothing at all. Dramatically exhausted, he considered ending his life to end the suffering. Unavoidably the descriptions deeply touch your heart. After years in refugee camps in the neighbouring countries where he exercised his leadership and demonstrated strong sense of responsibility, he was resettled in the USA, where a new and challenging journey begun. His name is Valentino Achak Deng, and in this novel Dave Eggers tells the extraordinary true story of his incredible journey. The writer keeps sense of humour and succeeds in transmitting the endurance and determination that the readers will envy. Finally he encountered impressive solidarity that contributed to his integration in the USA.

Valentino Achak Deng has a web page www.valentinoachackdeng.org where you can find a lot of information on Sudan and the foundation he set up.

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