"Child Soldier" by China Keitetsi. Souvenir Press Ltd., 2002

When China Keitetsi was years old, she was recruited as an army fighter by a resistence movement. Although for other reasons it can hardly be said that she had a childhood, the little she had of it was completely given away. She was confronted with the cruel reality of war -including systematic rapes, massive shooting of people and being a "nobody". After a long and painful way she succeeded to flee. She was granted asylum and was resettled to Denmark where she started rebuilding her life from the pieces that were left to her, and finally living in peace. But there was still a big part of her life missing - her children. She had to leave them behind in Uganda but found them again with the help of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and now they live with her in Denmark. As part of her psychological recovery treatment she started writing, which resulted in this book. Worldwide 600.000 child soldiers suffer without hope - traumatized for life ... China Keitetsi was one of the few that were strong enough to escape.

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